Support letter from SGAE

SGAE (logo)Society of General Authors and Editors

Madrid, September 3, 2015

SGAE manages audiovisual authorial rights pertaining to directors, scriptwriters, authors of dialogues, literary arguments and preexisting literary works, adapters and translators. Managed rights include the rights to public communication- projection in cinemas, broadcast on television, retransmission by cable and exhibition in public places-, private copying rights, rent and loan, online rights or Internet rights and, finally, so long as the contract between the author and the producer includes a title clause, the rights from the selling of their works in video, DVD and other related media.

At SGAE we have more than 115 years of experience in the defense of authorial rights in Spain and in the rest of the world, exercised internationally through reciprocal representation agreements with other sister societies.

We support the initiative of our Brazilian colleagues of strengthening the protection of rights of audiovisual cinematographic directors.

Hence, we will be at their disposal, contributing to the development of the society through the necessary tools and our experience in the management of audiovisual authors’ rights.

We hope that, soon, we can all celebrate the approval of the authors’ rights collective management society DBCA by the Brazilian Ministry of Culture, as well as their incorporation to the community of CISAC members.

José Luis Acosta


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