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Writers and Directors (logo)National Theater, Film and Audiovisual Authors Association

Santiago de Chile, August 10, 2015

ATN (National Theater, Cinema and Audiovisual Authors´ Society) is the only management entity authorized to collect drama and audiovisual rights in Chile.

ATN was founded in 1996 and since then it has continuously strived to protect the rights of audiovisual authors. By leading initiatives that would help us reach the legitimate goals of our founders, ATN has found along the way -as it happened with the many countries of Latin-America- a lack of understanding, indifference and in particular, endless legal and institutional difficulties. However, and in spite of all this, we have made progress, specially thanks to the support and generosity of our sister societies and international organizations. As a result, ATN is finally about to receive the historical legal recognition of the compensation right for directors and scriptwriters.

Because we are well aware of the challenges that audiovisual authors face, we would like to express our full recognition and support to our brothers Diretores Brasileiros de Cinema e do Audiovisual (DBCA). This recognition to the work carried out by DBCA is, without a doubt, the rise of a new sensibility and respect towards the cultural and economic baggage of our creators, something that without question announces a new and fruitful era for our directors and screenwriters in Brazil and abroad. The only thing left to say is that ATN is part of the International Confederation of Authors and Composers (CISAC) as well as the Latin-American Audiovisual Directors Alliance (ADAL) and the Writers and Directors Worldwide and it has signed reciprocity agreements with several international audiovisual societies.

César Cuadra B.

Managing Director

Gustavo Meza W.


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