DBCA‘s purpose is to perform the group management of the author’s rights of film and audiovisual directors in Brazil and the creation and maintenance of a social services work for its members.

With the support of its members and of other associations that are already performing group management within their territories, institutionally promote the regulation of the collection and distribution of the rights related to the communication of an audiovisual work to the public within the framework of Law 9610/98. That is to say, as it has occurred lately in Chile, state explicitly in our Author’s Rights Act, which is under review, the right to remuneration of audiovisual directors.

At international level, enter into reciprocal agreements with the already mentioned management associations affiliated to ADALAlianza de Directores Audiovisuales Latinoamericanos (Latin American Audiovisual Directors Alliance), such as DACDirectores Argentinos Cinematográficos (Directors Argentina/Argentina), DASCDirectores Audiovisuales Sociedad Colombiana de Gestión (Audiovisual Directors Colombian Management Company/Colombia), ATN (National Theater, Film and Audiovisual Authors Association/Chile) Directores MéxicoSociedad Mexicana de Directores, Realizadores de Obras Audiovisuales (Mexican Directors Association – Audiovisual Works Makers, Public Interest Collective Management Company/Mexico), SACD (Société des Auteurs et Compositeurs Dramatiques/Francia), SGAESociedad General de Autores y Editores (General Authors and Editors Company/Spain) and DAMADerechos de Autor de Medios Audiovisuales (Author’s rights of Audiovisual Media/Spain).



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Latin American Audiovisual Directors Alliance

Societies which provide their support with reciprocal agreements ​to Diretores Brasileiros de Cinema e do Audiovisual


National Theater, Film and Audiovisual Authors Association


General Association of Film and Audiovisual Directors Authors from the Argentine Republic.


Audiovisual Directors Colombian Association


Audiovisual Work Makers,


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